Enchanted Garden at the Historic Burgwin-Wright House

Living here in the Port City, I am falling more and more in love with the down home friendly people and historic colonial charm. I love discovering new, hidden gems tucked along cobblestone streets. The Burgwin-Wright House blew me away with its enchantingly intimate garden and beautiful storybook setting, perfect for an intimate affair. 

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Play in the Sand

Mathias is 9 month old, and it's absolutely astonishing how quickly time flies! Ever since he was born, people kept telling me how quickly babies grow and to relish ever moment. I can't relish enough! Just this last weekend he learned to how clap his hands, at a Super Bowl party of all things. I love watching his intent gaze studying his little fingers and then his toothy smile grinning up at me for praise as he pats his hands together. I am realizing more and more what an incredible job it is being a mama.

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Exercise and Nutrition Advice for Mommies-To-Be

For all you soon-to-be new mamas or even those thinking about babies in the near future, I want to use these next two posts to share all the most important aspects to having a healthy and happy pregnancy. This week I will share some awesome pregnancy advice on exercise and nutrition from one of my closest friends who is an outstanding wellness coach! Seriously, the woman is a genius!

Then next week I will share a few of my personal favorite pregnancy tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way as well as a couple must-have products that have really made a difference in my pregnancy!

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40% Off Blowout Sale!

A sale this good only happens once a year! I've decided to cut down on inventory to make way for a brand new collection coming this summer and pass on some unreal savings to you all!

All paintings are one-of-a-kind originals that are sure to make a statement in any space!

Info and prices on each piece are listed below. Shoot me a message under the 'Contact' tab for additional inquiries and to make a purchase. Happy shopping!

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Monday Inspiration! Water and Art: How Painting Can Mimic The Sea

With painting I have come to realize that it’s not about perfection… it’s quite the opposite actually! For me, it’s all about embracing uniqueness in imperfections, learning from and finding new strength in failure and grasping endless joy in discovery!

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Wild Horses and New Year's Kisses

The Outer Banks, NC was a romantic fantasy in my mind, a place where I had imagined myself the main character in a Nicholas Sparks novel, relaxing on tranquil beaches, entertained by the hoof beats of wild mustangs galloping gracefully through the surf. Reality, however, painted a picture far more profoundly beautiful than my mind had previously guessed!

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A Quick Trip to Charleston

Charleston, S.C. was the welcoming familiarity of home in a city yet to be discovered. I could have spent weeks strolling every cobblestone street perfumed with jasmine blossoms and every inch of white, sandy beach, but with only two days to explore, I found ways to experience both the rich, colonial history and natural charm of this low country beaut. And the best part was the splurge of fun while barely denting the bank account.

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The Butcher and the Baker

The new spring season welcomes warmer days, blossoming trees and fresh produce sprouting from the soil. Fayetteville's The Butcher and Baker is a one stop shop offering local commodities, grass fed organic meat and for the first time this year, a plethora of locally grown, organic vegetables which will arrive to the store fresh from the ground. And let me tell you, there is no place like it in Cumberland county.

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