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Exercise and Nutrition Advice for Mommies-To-Be

For all you soon-to-be new mamas or even those thinking about babies in the near future, I want to use these next two posts to share all the most important aspects to having a healthy and happy pregnancy. This week I will share some awesome pregnancy advice on exercise and nutrition from one of my closest friends who is an outstanding wellness coach! Seriously, the woman is a genius!

Then next week I will share a few of my personal favorite pregnancy tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way as well as a couple must-have products that have really made a difference in my pregnancy!

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The Butcher and the Baker

The new spring season welcomes warmer days, blossoming trees and fresh produce sprouting from the soil. Fayetteville's The Butcher and Baker is a one stop shop offering local commodities, grass fed organic meat and for the first time this year, a plethora of locally grown, organic vegetables which will arrive to the store fresh from the ground. And let me tell you, there is no place like it in Cumberland county.

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