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Full of Love and Nostalgia

I remember large family gatherings in my great grandparents' home when I was a little girl. Their rooms were filled with some of the people I held most dear along with the lipstick plant that hung in the brown and gold carpeted kitchen, the old fashioned coffee grinder we would turn over and over again, and expertly placed rocks and gemstones highlighting a focal point wooden book shelf. Everything was home.

Inspired by Nature

To me, my great grandma Lois was the perfect combination of a hardworking farm girl and a lady with timeless elegance. Her iconic, large frame dusty rose glasses were rivaled only by her always meticulously painted fingernails in a shade of mauve. I always admired her rock collection she kept in different baskets and shelves around her home. When I was little, I loved rummaging through the seemingly unending geodes collected from every corner of the world. And it is her collection that now inspires mine in this series, "Geodes". 


Modern Simplicity

Sometimes more can be said through simple lines than complicated, detailed ones. In this collection entitled, "Enrichment", I wanted to capture common plants in a way that was clean and uncluttered. The lines speak to the increased clarity and direction I find through investing in and learning from others, especially those most important to me. These pieces with their unassuming execution will not overcrowd a space. 

Encouraging at the Root

I find that in life it is so enriching spending time with people of all different walks of life. Cultivating relationships with others makes me realize that our different paths and environments breed passions that can greatly enrich each other. In each of the seven pieces in the series, there are two common plants, essentially weeds, intertwined in a movement that together, is more impactful than if each was standing alone. I hope through these works you can be encouraged to invest in others. 


about me


Hello! My name is Bergen DeLeeuw. I am a painter and designer adventuring from the sunny North Carolina coast with my sailor hubby and baby boy. There is nothing as sweet as discovering the beauty of life with the ones I love, and my art is an expression of joy flowing from the incredible beauty found in God's creation. 

I have always found so much richness in discovery and exploration, and my work pulls the organic uniqueness and unending vastness from nature in a way that both mirrors my heart and exemplifies my client's taste. 

If you have a project in mind or big event in the works, I would love to meet you and work together to create something unforgettable!


bespoke stationary

and design


Some suggest thinking outside the box with creative projects. Here, the box does not exist. Trends can be fleeting and mass produced products rarely reflect the intricate beauty of your heart. I believe your event should be as unique as you are! I craft paper goods that exude effortless elegance pulling elements from nature in custom illustrations, brush calligraphy and soft watercolor lettering.

Whether you have a detailed vision for your big day or are just beginning the planning process, I will create goods that celebrate your individuality and richly reflect your personal style!



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