Monday Inspiration! Water and Art: How Painting Can Mimic The Sea

Growing up in Wisconsin and braving the bitter harsh winters, I always longed for the southern salt air. Family vacations to Florida were always my favorites. Spending time hunting for shells with my siblings or practicing my mad surfing skills, hardly haha ;), in the turquoise waves made me feel alive like nothing else!

Now, being married to my handsome sailor, I call the NC coast home. Renting our little stilted townhouse across the street from the ocean truly is a dream come true. The small, outdated space with tacky wallpaper and the occasional Palmetto bug (practically roaches but somehow calling them Palmetto bugs makes them seem less traumatizing) is completely worth it hearing the crash of waves off our back deck!

I notice time and time again the way the power of the waves somehow creates a sense of peace. Life’s seemingly difficult issues dissipate and get put in perspective as I walk across the cream sand, and I become more thankful and in awe of God.

The ocean is a constant source of inspiration for me. What is it that makes the it so inspirational? Maybe it’s the fact that no two moments are ever the same. The way light and colors bounce off the water is like an ever-evolving mural, mind blowing and awesome. Maybe it’s the emotions of joy, contentment and sheer fascination that scream for an artistic outlet. Or maybe it’s the way I see the majesty of God in the beauty of his creation, which awakens in me celebration. I think for now I will be satisfied knowing that words can’t do justice and neither can paint!

Serenity, acrylic and watercolor on mixed media canvas, 2016 24"x24"

Serenity, acrylic and watercolor on mixed media canvas, 2016 24"x24"

With painting I have come to realize that it’s not about perfection… it’s quite the opposite actually! For me, it’s all about embracing uniqueness in imperfections, learning from and finding new strength in failure and grasping endless joy in discovery.

Now it's your turn, get outside today! Even if you don't live near the ocean, take a moment to study and appreciate some body of water, whether it's the creek in your backyard or the muddy Mississippi (to all my Wisconsinite friends). You won't be disappointed!


“It’s good to relax and go with the flow,” – The Ocean