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Play in the Sand

Mathias is 9 month old, and it's absolutely astonishing how quickly time flies! Ever since he was born, people kept telling me how quickly babies grow and to relish ever moment. I can't relish enough! Just this last weekend he learned to how clap his hands, at a Super Bowl party of all things. I love watching his intent gaze studying his little fingers and then his toothy smile grinning up at me for praise as he pats his hands together. I am realizing more and more what an incredible job it is being a mama.

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Monday Inspiration! Water and Art: How Painting Can Mimic The Sea

With painting I have come to realize that it’s not about perfection… it’s quite the opposite actually! For me, it’s all about embracing uniqueness in imperfections, learning from and finding new strength in failure and grasping endless joy in discovery!

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