Play in the Sand

Mathias is 9 month old, and it's absolutely astonishing how quickly time flies! Ever since he was born, people kept telling me how quickly babies grow and to relish ever moment. I can't relish enough! Just this last weekend he learned to how clap his hands, at a Super Bowl party of all things. I love watching his intent gaze studying his little fingers and then his toothy smile grinning up at me for praise as he pats his hands together. I am realizing more and more what an incredible job it is being a mama. I have big plans and business goals for the next couple of years, but those ambitions are vain next to all the love I have and am responsible to give to my little squishy.

He watches everything we do and takes it all in like a sponge. No pressure, but there's pressure! Right now I am sitting in the sand watching the paddle boarders and surfers running into the froth. Mathias is sawing logs next to me, his adorable little rosebud lips gaping open -- it's so cute I can't take it! I love taking him to the beach even more than I love being here myself, and that's saying a lot! I could be happy living here on the shore in a tent, strumming a ukulele around a fire every night with our friends! Who needs things anyway?

Our little guy has helped me to realize this so much. The week he was born, we had to move out of our beach house, into a temporary pad and live out of boxes for a month while we tried to close on our house. Mathias' nursery still isn't painted, and our fixer upper of a home is still a grand work in progress. I am learning to be content in every situation and go with the flow even at stressful times. God is so good!

Being here with the sun beating down and waves crashing in the background helps put life in perspective. Today I am ceasing to compare my business to anyone else's or my motherhood or baby to anyone else's. I love our home, so it doesn't matter if it doesn't look like it's out of Luxe magazine. So much time is wasted with comparisons, and don't get me wrong, it's a healthy beautiful thing learning and being inspired by others, but basing your value or happiness on resume bullet points, you lose out on so much freedom and joy. That is what life is all about! God-given freedom and joy is there for the taking. Time to go play in the sand!