Hyacinth Bean

Hyacinth Bean

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Limited edition watercolor print on enhanced matte archival paper, 2017

 In this collection entitled, "Enrichment", I wanted to capture common plants in a way that was clean and uncluttered. The lines speak to the increased clarity and direction I find through investing in and learning from others, especially those most important to me. These pieces with their unassuming execution will not overcrowd a space. 

I find that in life it is so enriching spending time with people of all different walks of life. Cultivating relationships with others makes me realize that our different paths and environments breed passions that can greatly enrich each other. In each of the seven pieces in the series, there are two common plants, essentially weeds, intertwined in a movement that together, is more impactful than if each was standing alone. I hope through these works you can be encouraged to invest in others. 

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