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Mural on Figure 8

I have always loved creating paintings in a grand scale, and this project is the largest work of art I have done to date. In addition to the expansive mural that covered both the kitchen, hearth room and formal dining, I also created two custom pieces to tie the rooms together. I have come to realize my favorite part about doing art isn’t even the art itself but rather the connections I make with people, learning to appreciate what they cherish and turning their style into something tangible.

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Doing a commissioned painting is not just about capturing someone else's vision for a piece of art for their home, it is more importantly a tiny journey into another person's heart. And if along the way I make twists and turns, that doesn't really matter in a negative way. Those redirections within the painting process bring about something that is far more captivating in the end than that which would have come about taking the easy way.

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