Sometimes the most monotonous task can become a thing of beauty when you take time to appreciate the little things. it was one such thing that inspired this painting.

Meeting Kelly I was immediately at ease. Her warm, inviting and laid back nature made me feel so welcome. Initially I noticed how she was drawn to traditional, comfortable furnishings and decor even amidst her modern new home (which is gorgeous by the way!). I took particular notice of her Middle Eastern rugs in rich red hues which lined the hallways and accented the dining room where the painting was to hang. Right away I knew that I wanted to incorporate her love of warm tradition into the painting itself. Kelly mentioned how she loved being able to look our onto the golf course from her kitchen sink. The large, swooping Southern oak trees lined a natural path, taking the eyes on a stroll. The view was so pretty, we decided to make it the inspiration for this painting. Taking into account the modern nature of the home, her traditional taste and the beautiful view, the process began!

The Pathway, 48x60" acrylic on canvas, 2018

Bergen SopherComment