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Lauren Nygard Photography

Lauren Nygard Photography

Life is cause for rejoicing. My work reflects a celebration of God’s majesty in all the beauty he has created. Through my art I bring nature’s small intricacies to the forefront. By layering soft, organic strokes, I seek to create pieces that invite the viewer to reflect on the simplicities that make life beautiful.

I have loved painting for as long as I can remember. Coming into this vocation has been the result of a lifelong expression. Creating custom work for clients that exemplifies their taste and shares my heart has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I am thankful to have work displayed in homes and collections across the United States as well as internationally.

I paint from my home studio in Hampstead, North Carolina with my husband, Andrew who serves in the Navy and my three year old son who adds happy little strokes to all of my paintings. I love having his tiny hands in all of my work. It reminds me to not take myself too seriously, stop and enjoy life’s beautiful moments, and remember that nothing great is achieved alone. 


As humans I believe we are made to create. I see the artistic process as both an expression of sentiment and evidence of the state of our souls. I seek to create artwork that gives the viewer glimpses of God’s glory through what he has created. He is the great foundation on which I can rest my work and also the source of everything. Through my creation I strive to live in thankfulness for his saving grace and the life he has given me.