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Lauren Nygard Photography

Lauren Nygard Photography

I have always found so much joy in discovery and exploration. I remember my mom telling me stories of when I was a little girl and how I would always wander off in a store. I was curious about anything and everything. I guess it comes down to the love of learning. Now more than ever, I find immeasurable worth in learning from others and unending joy in taking time to appreciate the vast beauty this world has to offer.

My paintings mirror my heart. Through layering different consistencies, blending softness with select bold strokes, I create eclectic works that combine realism with abstract impressionism.

Nature inspires my art with water and sky being cornerstones. I seek to develop a sense of mystery and continuing discovery in my paintings. Through the use of acrylic paints and surfaces such as canvas and wood, I celebrate the joy in life with the use of rich and bold colors. In my work I also seek to capture intricacies in grandeur and foster a deep sense of underlying hope for my audience.

My work evokes a joyful peace while celebrating God’s beauty in the infinitely vast creation being discovered. 

The Beginning

Bergen's artistic ambitions and zest for exploring the world around her sprang from a young age. All her life she enjoyed drawing, but in elementary art class, she began to develop a new love for painting. In middle school her parents bought her a set of acrylic paints and brushes. With supplies and encouragement from her loved ones, her knack for the creative became an endeavor which now, more than ever, continues to grow and flourish.


Commissions are available for those desiring a specifically designed enhancement to their spaces.

You are assured a one-of-a-kind response to your commission, regardless of desired style and content. 

To commission a work, email me in the "contact" tab. For a painting, you may choose to include a photograph, which can be used as either the basis for a realism portrayal or an inspired abstract.  

We will work together to create an impactful, one-of-a-kind piece!    


Pricing for each work is determined based on type of art surface (including but not limited to stretched canvas, wood, linen), size, hours of work and use of special mediums and materials.

Complimentary design consultation is also included with each commissioned work.