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 Lauren Nygard Photography

Lauren Nygard Photography


Life is cause for rejoicing! Through my work I seek to bring nature’s small intricacies to the forefront. Through layering different consistencies and blending softness with bold strokes, I create works that give cause to pause and experience a thankfulness that emanates through slowing down to see the little things, the simple things.

Nature inspires my art, with water and plants being cornerstones. I seek to develop a hunt for wanderlust and continual discovery in my paintings. Through the use of acrylic and watercolor, I celebrate life with the use of both rich and serene colors. My work evokes a joyful peace while celebrating God’s beauty in the infinitely vast creation being discovered. 

The Beginning

My artistic ambitions and zest for exploring the world around me sprang from infancy. I have always found so much joy in discovery and exploration. I remember my mom telling me stories of when I was a little girl and how I would always wander off. I was curious about anything and everything. I guess it comes down to the love of learning and stopping to love and appreciate the little things. Now more than ever, I find immeasurable worth in learning from others and unending value in taking time to appreciate the vast beauty this world has to offer. Whether it was my first painting of African wild dogs in elementary school or writing an article to be published in my small town daily newspaper, I have never stopped creating. 


Limited commissions are available for those desiring a design specifically catered to their vision and specifications.

You are assured a one-of-a-kind response to your commission, regardless of desired style and content. 

To commission a work, email me in the "contact" tab. For a painting, you may choose to include a photograph, which can be used as inspiration for the work to be completed.

We will work together to create an impactful, one-of-a-kind piece!    


Pricing for each work is determined based on type of art surface (including but not limited to stretched canvas, wood, linen), size, hours of work and use of special mediums and materials such as, but not limited to, cloth, precious metals and fine natural pigments.

Complimentary design consultation is also included with each commissioned work.